Surface Design Immersion with Bonnie Christine

Come learn with me!

I’m a proud alum of Immersion 2021 and am so thrilled and excited to be back again in 2022, this time as an affiliate and a guide! Last year while taking Immersion I had a creative awakening – stay with me. I felt welcomed and supported by the most incredible community of artists, and the quality of the content was top tier and plentiful. I am always a little skeptical about online courses. I found that I learned more about design, Adobe Illustrator, the business behind making your artwork your career, and more so much faster and at a higher level than the two quarters I spent in my University design program before I decided that I’d rather go play full time with clay.

I had the delightful opportunity to interview Bonnie and hear firsthand about her story last week. There were so many parts that really resonated with me last year when I took a huge leap of faith to jump into Immersion and it was the best decision I have made for my professional career as an artist. 

Hear our conversation below – we cover the upcoming Surface Pattern Immersion course, our Etsy shops, ceramics, sleep, and play the Surface Pattern edition of This or That (~17 minutes in!) 

How do I know if Immersion is for me?

This is such a personal question to answer, and I think that Bonnie does an incredible job of addressing who this course is for on her website. I will offer you my advice though, which was given to me by my mentor in college:  “don’t go back to school until you’re hungry for it.”

I am so grateful for that advice, and when I ran across Immersion I was ready for it. It was a springboard for me last year and can do that for you too if you apply what you learn. You’ll also have lifetime access to the course, so you get to set the pace.

One of my first projects last year!

1-on-1 Call with Me, Rebecca!

I’m an affiliate for Bonnie and Immersion, so I benefit from you using my link to register. I 100% stand by the incredible experience I had in the course last year, so I would be telling you all about it whether or not I was an affiliate. 

I’m offering 5 one-on-one follow-up calls to the first 5 people to register with my link. So, when Immersion ends, you’ll have an hour with me to talk portfolios, work on Illustrator skills, talk about art, strategize your entrepreneurial takeover, work on your website – the time is yours! Folks who receive these sessions will be notified by me after the 14 day 100% money back trial ends for the course.

Let's Learn Together

love this stuff, and I would love to have you join me in the course. Enrollment runs February 15-22, 2022, and classes kick off on February 28! So I invite you to check out the course and also look at the student stories. I’m not the only one who has found this course and had it seriously impact their life. I hope I’ll see you in the community! There is room for you.